04 June 2008

mind your [t]s and [ʔ]s

this is a few days old, coming from this past weekend's National Spelling Bee.  ah, America.  home of the only language in the world that actually creates a need for spelling bees (as far as i know), and word final glottalization of vowels.

Erin Andrews and numbnuts?  youtube gold.

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Damien Hall said...

Well, the French have for years had the famous dictée Pivot, a national dictation competition started by Bernard Pivot and now carried on by others (I think M. Pivot has died). People gather round their radios and take dictation of a specially-constructed passage which will typically contain lots of obscure words, gender agreements that are hard to spot (because not phonologically realised), and so on. No material benefit accrues to people who get it all right, as far as I know; just, ahem, cachet. So that's a little like a spelling-bee, but it's a grammar test as well.