02 May 2007

the blog returneth

i noted as a caveat in my inaugural post that there is no fixed schedule for posts here, although i do acknowledge that this latest hiatus was longer than what i planned. i think i easily spent two weeks' worth of linguistic writing by cranking out my 20-page syntax final paper, "Structure and Syntax of English Imperatives", in the final 48 hours before it was due. it turns out imperatives are pretty strange syntactically. i may post an excerpt here about the existence of pro in English and maybe expand on it.

i might have returned to blogging a bit sooner except just following the linguistics paper came graduation festivities and move-out hassle. now i should have some decent free time to write, and i do have ideas for posts at the ready. first up should be one that i started a couple weeks ago, on the latest addition to the class of conjunctions in English, slash. then some markedness and avoidance stuff, little pro (as mentioned above), and—every linguist's favorite—bashing Evil Prescriptivist Treatises.

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