10 April 2007

words of introduction

welcome, welcome, one and all. here begins my foray into the linguablogosphere. the plan is for it to not suffer the same fate as my other blogging attempts, which if they are not dead are at least in some sort of persistent vegetative state. they all wound up that way because after a couple months the novelty wore off and they became little more than obligations. therefore, the goal of Descriptively Adequate is to be a little more freeform, without any regimented posting schedule. with any luck that means that it will live a long healthy life, and it will pleasantly surprise you, the reader, when new posts arrive.

although my own linguistic musings certainly have their own flavor (i've been accused of being a derivationalist, and Noam Chomsky is not my best buddy), i would be remiss in not acknowledging some inspirations for this project, namely Language Log and Polyglot Conspiracy.

with that, time to move on to actual posts (i've got a couple in the writing queue already). also in the works are changes to the site's appearance (because geez, these blogger templates are either ugly or old), but that will require some serious css-wrangling over the next few days and weeks.


pc said...

Is this why you skipped class today? Hmmm?

Kidding. Welcome!

Ed said...

no, i skipped class today to watch Roma get CRUSHED in Champions League...it was totally worth it. pass on apologies to Gerardo, i hope he'll understand.